Who are we?
The bilingual Kopaliński Primary School offers an English primary education.

This means that integrated education 1-3 and some subjects (e.g. maths, history, biology and geography) are taught in both Polish and English. In this way, English is present in most lessons taught at our school.

Lessons in the language of Shakespeare come to a total of 7 hours per week. These include lessons on the culture of English-speaking countries, in addition to lessons with native speakers, during which the focus is primarily on pronunciation.

What do we offer?
Our programme of study provides a wide range of opportunities.
We believe in the value of a range of extra activities which begin as the formal school day ends. A series of After School Clubs are available in our school, which pupils can enjoy at the end of the school day. These are linked to school work through the skills they develop, and children can participate in many activities including:
In classes 1-3 and in reception year:
chess, IT Club, Young Explorer Academy, dance club, karate, swimming and ice skating, physiotherapy exercises, homework club, classes with a native speaker, music club, the ‘Behind the Curtain’ children's theatre group, International Traveller, Arts and Crafts, Reading Corner.
In classes 4-8:
Corners and clubs: IT, art, spelling, mathematics, creative, scientific, school sports club, self-defence, ice skating classes, rollerblading, homework club, ‘Scenka’ drama club, ‘KopalTrep’ tourist club, ‘Three Arts’ Corner  (computer graphics, photography and painting), classes preparing for the primary school final test, preparation classes for Cambridge English exams.
Thanks to classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and a multimedia room, our pupils assimilate knowledge more easily and acquire new interests.

Our school prepares pupils for all Cambridge Young Learners English language exams. To facilitate this, we cooperate with The British Council, which also helps to reduce the cost of the exams. Our pupils are present in every exam session, successfully sitting the STARTERS, MOVERS and FLYERS Cambridge exams.
They also participate in the PET Preliminary English Test and the FCE First Certificate in English.

However, English is not the only foreign language available at our primary school. In both compulsory and optional classes, our pupils can choose from languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and French. They also obtain certificates in these languages confirming their language abilities.

What about extra-curricular activities? Pupils cannot live on studying alone, which is why we try to organise many additional attractions that provide opportunities for integration, fun, art appreciation etc. Annual school trips, regular visits to the theatre, cinema and concerts, sailing camps, class campfires – these are just some of the activities organised by the school. Our teachers are always open to pupils’ suggestions, which means that new initiatives and projects are constantly added to scheduled school events.

An important part of the work of our school is our charitable activity, which is used to help those most in need. One event that has become a tradition is the ‘Kopal’s got Talent’ concert, during which pupils present their abilities on stage. The money raised at the concert is then donated to care homes. Every December, we also participate in the ‘Noble Box’ campaign, preparing Christmas parcels with essential products for selected families in need. In addition to these large-scale events, pupils also do their bit to help to make the world a better place by organising other fund-raising activities and programmes with the support of their teachers e.g. for the local animal shelter.

We would like to welcome everyone who is interested in studying at our Primary School to come and visit us. We guarantee a high level education, many attractions and unforgettable experiences, and a unique atmosphere that makes hard work so much easier. Join the Kopal team!